Blogging and self-filtering

So this blogging thing is hard, though not for the reasons I’d expected.

I expected to have a problem coming up with things to write about for this site, and to have trouble finding the time to do the writing. But that’s not what I’m having trouble with (at least not right now). What I’m having trouble with is self-filtering.

I’m an opinionated guy. No, I don’t mean that I want this blog to turn into some soapbox about politics, global injustice, health, etc. I mean that I have opinions and ideas about writing, sending submissions, publishing, and life in general that I’d like to put out there, but I’m running up against a wall. It’s not fear of criticism about my writing, or baring my soul to the internet, or that this blog may “fail” that’s hampering me. It’s me.

See, I’m just getting started so, simply put, I’m afraid to piss anybody off. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. I’m not afraid of pissing ANYBODY off, just folks who A – know more than me (which will be a lot of folks), B – have more experience than me (most people), and C – might impact my ability to get my novel published. That’s a lot of people.

Now, as far as the fiction goes, I know you can’t please everyone, and will in all likelihood piss some folks off. I’m cool with that. But with random ideas I throw on this site, I don’t want that to happen. I mean, imagine an agent gets my query letter and likes it, so decides to pop over here and see what’s what. Said agent skims the posts and spots something she doesn’t like. Suddenly she thinks I’m unprofessional, or would be hard to work with, or whatever. She was going to request pages, then doesn’t. All because of something I wrote off-hand in a blog post months ago. The idea is paralyzing.

But we’re told to “build our platform”, and part of that is running a blog. Cool, I can do that. But I want my personality to come through so people can get to know me, not just throw up things that have been written-to-death. When to write, how to setup your writing space, mmm coffee, etc. Not that that stuff is bad, but can people really get to know me if that’s all I do? If I’m filtering everything? If I’m writing scared?

I don’t think so.

What to do… what to do…

I know that I can’t be the only person who’s run up against this problem. Oh crap! Am I writing about something that’s been written-to-death already?

*searches the interwebs*

Whew, I think I’m OK.

Anyway, it is a bit of a pickle. The internal conflict is raging. The artistic side of me wants to drop my intellect-pants and soul-moon the world. The business side says that I should stick to safer topics.

Maybe they’re both right. Hmm…

So, just as an FYI, I can’t predict right now which way this blog will go. I’m a ‘run toward your fears, not away from them’ kind of guy (except when it comes to sharks, which I blame on my parents for letting me watch Jaws when I was WAY too young), but I’m also business smart, and understand the idea of building a broad audience. I guess we’ll see which side wins by doing it.

Stay tuned 🙂


Thanks for reading,


One thought on “Blogging and self-filtering

  1. I started blogging about 12 days ago and I find that I am ‘filtering’ myself. Something I do not do in my ‘real’ life. So why do I care what computer screens think of me but not actual people?

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