Drum-building workshop, 10/17-18

It’s no secret creativity takes many forms. I typically write, occasionally draw, and sometimes lose hours of my life to the hellmouth known as Photoshop. Not-long ago, I posted a cool piece of art my friend Rachel drew that was to be used for a new creative outlet (for me), carved into the side of a djembe drum I was going to build at a workshop in New Brunswick, NJ. Unfortunately, a rescheduling of the workshop and resulting conflict was to cause me to miss-out. Miss-out, until the conflicting event moved to the following weekend :).

So I got to build “my” drum (read after the pics for the explanation of the quotes).

The build

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, it was a lot of work. All told, I have over twenty hours of sanding, staining, ring-making, carving, rope-pulling in on her. I still have blisters. Painful, exhausting, and hella-fun.

And then I gave it away.

Not my drum

The Friday night the workshop kicked off, the person running it told the story of how my drum was supposed to be donated to a friend. This friend had asked him for a drum she could auction to raise money to buy Native American kids shoes, which she does annually. That story, combined with how I wasn’t originally supposed to make the workshop, told me the drum wasn’t mine, but the experience of building it would be.

I went through the weekend without telling anyone my plan, made new friends, helped and received help as needed, and even participated in the closing drum circle. At the end, I told the drum maker what I was going to do, which he accepted with a bevy of kind words, knowing how much effort I’d put in. BTW, the drum sounds great, too 😀 It’ll make someone happy, and hopefully bring a decent amount for a good cause.

And I’ve already got my next design planned-out. That one I’m going to keep, hehe.

Yay creativity!


Thanks for reading,





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