When Your Next Manuscript Doesn’t ‘Land’ with Your Agent

Writers hoping to be traditionally published have several goals, not the least of which is partnering with a literary agent. That happens when they query someone who both loves the book and believes they can sell it. Whether it sells or not, typically the writer will work with that agent for their follow ups.

That brings us to this post’s topic: What happens when your next books doesn’t ‘land’ (ie: resonate, hit) with your agent? That might happen for a number of reasons. Here’s one.

How It Happened to Me

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Agentversary! – Things I’ve Learned Over My First Year as an Agented Writer

Most writing-related talk at conventions, in webinars, and on blogs and vlogs focuses on things you need to do to partner with a literary agent. Less gets said about what happens once you do, so, a year after signing with the fab Kaitlyn Johnson of the Belcastro Literary Agency, I thought I’d write about some of it.

Obligatory disclaimer: I’m going to focus on a few things that should be universally valuable and tackle them from as generic an angle as possible. Real-life agents and agencies may of course do things a bit (or a lot) differently.

Cool? Cool.

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