About me.

(This bio has been pimped as part of Pitch Wars. Enjoy!)


My name’s Ron and I like to write about stuff. Weird stuff. Stuff that’s fun/sad, magical/mundane, morbid/uplifting, deep/shallow, insightful/ridiculous, subjective/objective, big/small, topical/irrelevant, good/bad/really bad/Why would you write that?/OH GOD MY EYES! And fairies, ghosts, and superpowers. So far. Robots next!

New meI live in the western part of the great state of New Jersey and commute via train to the NYC area every day. Now, before you “Oh god that sounds awful!” me, let me tell you, it’s not. It’s wonderful. I live ten minutes from New Hope, PA (if you don’t know, go) yet get to see NYC on a daily basis. Ain’t nothing awful about that. One hour each way provides plenty of writing/reading time 😀

I have a BA in English Literature from Seton Hall University (if you’re curious about such things), and am the Training Manager for a software development company. Yes I know, a strange place for a guy who writes about fairies, ghosts, and superpowers. And robots. If you think that’s weird, you should see what happens when the fairies get in the projector.

Some (a lot of) additional notes:

  • Favorite color – Red
  • Favorite food – Thai
  • Favorite drink – A good Negroni. Yellow Spot whiskey warms my dark heart. Non-alcoholic? Limeade I guess
  • Favorite book – A Christmas Carol. It’s perfect. If you want something more recent, You by Caroline Kepnes is awesome, and I enjoy Jonathan Stroud’s Lockwood and Co. (yes, I read across age groups)
  • Favorite TV show – The Walking Dead, with Doctor Who a close second. Honorable mentions to Supernatural and Ink Master (how do you not love people volunteering to be tattooed by someone they’ve never met, whose style and skill they don’t know?)
  • Favorite movie – Princess Bride. I mean, come on
  • Favorite place to write – Trains, coffee shops, the kitchen table
  • Superman or Batman? – Lobo
  • If you were going on Naked and Afraid, what one survival item would you bring? – Bug spray. Seriously
  • Tattooed? – Yes. A bunch
  • Are you outdoors-y? – Um, did you not look at any of my header images?
  • Dogs or cats? – Either. I have a cat
  • Is it true you’re a certified yoga instructor? – It is!
  • Place you want to retire – Alaska
  • Favorite possession – My red 2001 Jeep. Love that stupid thing
  • Will you critique my first few chapters? – Sure!
  • Will you beta read my SFF book if I buy you lunch? – Sure again!
  • Favorite quote – “Opportunities are never lost, someone will take the ones you miss.” (unknown)
  • Favorite quote from a writer – “Important does not equal immediate. You don’t need to dump all the details on one page.” (John McGoran speaking at the Writer’s Digest Conference, 2015)

My (current) novel

Engine of Change, a 100K word Adult Alternate History Science Fiction work, is my forth book. I describe it on Twitter as:

‘Former supervillain blackmailed into trying to stop a madman from releasing a deadly virus. Not sure she can, or should.’

That’s the gist of it. Here are the big details:

  • Told as parallel front story/back story (twenty-seven-year-old MC Jenna and sixteen-year-old MC Jenna)
  • Jenna has superpowers, as did all of the others of her kind
  • Noticed the ‘did’ in that last bullet, did ya? Yeah, all the others are dead (in the front story) and Jenna, their former-leader, is pretty damaged over that

More? Sure!

Here’s my query:

Seeing twenty-seven-year-old Jenna downing shots in the local dive bar, no one would guess she was once the feared supervillain, Engine. That’s because everyone knows Engine is dead, just like the rest of the Specials–the superpowered teens who, ten years ago, tried to take over the world.

Or so the old propaganda said. To Jenna and her friends, dismantling warring nations’ militaries and destroying fracking sites were the right things to do.

Burdened with anger and guilt over being unable to protect her kind, all Jenna wants is to be left alone in the secret life she’s pieced together in New York City. Her dream dies when the man who created the plague that eradicated the Specials threatens humanity with a new strain of the virus, and a government agency, aware Jenna survived, demands her help. She refuses, only to be blackmailed with the one thing that would change her mind: prevent the virus’ release or they will execute a small group of secretly-imprisoned surviving Specials.

Now, to save the others and redeem herself (in her eyes), Jenna must resurrect the leader she was and stop a madman. After suffering through the genocide committed against her people, she’s not sure she can.

I love Jenna so much. She’s darkly funny, broken, and so, so lonely (and curses and drinks way too much), yet something deep in her refuses to roll over and give in. Engine of Change is not about people with powers, it’s about her, who she is/was/and might become.

Pitch Wars!

I’m jumping into Pitch Wars for the first time, after enjoying the hell outa Query Kombat. Here’s what I’ll bring as a Pitch Wars Mentee:

  • Work ethic – I write/edit everyday. You will never have to worry about my putting in the time
  • Titanium skin – Not only do I appreciate honesty and directness, I seek it. Tell me what sucks so I can fix it
  • Low maintenance – I’m not a pesterer. We talk, we decide on a way forward, I get to work, I let you know when I’m done. Boom, magic
  • Someone who’s not afraid of making big changes where needed
  • All the free yoga tips my Mentor could want 😉

What I’m looking for in a Pitch Wars Mentor(s):

  • I’m looking for someone(s) who’s hella direct. You don’t want to write a three page email because you have to dance around an issue for fear of hurting my feelings, and I don’t want to make you do that. Let’s dive in, find broken stuff, break more stuff, and get to fixing

Okay, that’s it! Thanks for reading. If you see me on the train or run into me anywhere else (like the Twitter), feel free to say hi. If you’d like to contact me, send an email to ron(at)rdelaneyjr(dot)com.