About me.


My name’s Ron and I like to write about stuff. Weird stuff. Stuff that’s fun/sad, magical/mundane, morbid/uplifting, deep/shallow, insightful/ridiculous, subjective/objective, big/small, topical/irrelevant, good/bad/really bad/Why would you write that?/OH GOD MY EYES! And fairies, ghosts, superpowers, and robots. So far.

Pic of RonMy wife and I live on the border between the great states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, fifteen minutes from New Hope, PA. I have a BA in English Literature from Seton Hall University (if you’re curious about such things) nd am a genre writer with works in several types of speculative fiction.

Some (a lot of) additional notes:

  • I’m represented by Kaitlyn Johnson of Belcastro Agency
  • Check out my Goodreads author page HERE and my Amazon author page OVER HERE
  • Favorite color – Red
  • Favorite food – Thai
  • Favorite drink – A good Boulevardier. Non-alcoholic? Coffee, of course
  • Favorite book – A Christmas Carol. It’s perfect. If you want something more recent, Jonathan Stroud’s Lockwood and Co.
  • Favorite TV show – The Great British Baking Show. Come at me
  • Favorite movie – Princess Bride. I mean, come on
  • Favorite place to write – Coffee shops, home office, log cabins
  • Superman or Batman? – Lobo
  • If I were going on Naked and Afraid the one survival item I’d bring would be bug spray. Seriously
  • Tattoos – Yes. A bunch
  • Outdoors-y? – Um, did you not look at any of my header images?
  • Dogs or cats – Either. I have a cat
  • Fun fact: I’m a certified yoga instructor. Well, I guess that’s fun for people who like yoga
  • As a cold weather guy, I’d like to retire to Vermont or maybe Maine
  • Favorite quote – “Opportunities are never lost, someone will take the ones you miss.” (unknown)
  • Favorite quote from a writer – “Important does not equal immediate. You don’t need to dump all the details on one page.” (John McGoran speaking at the Writer’s Digest Conference, 2015)
  • Co-favorite quote from a writer – “Characters poop plot.” (Chuck Wendig, speaking at the Writer’s Digest Conference, 2018)


Working on the first draft of a new middle grade centered around a thirteen-year-old goofball goth and his friends, who need to stop a zombie apocalypse the main character has started. SPOILERS: they will. Set in a fictitious town in northern Vermont, we’ll get friendship, knife-wielding grandmas, a first crush (is there a better reason to almost cause the zombie apocalypse?), and fun. It will be finished in 2023.

Works on submission

We currently have two books out on sub:

  • A Middle Grade Contemporary Fantasy centered around an abandoned magical school in the woods and a desperate need to find a cure for a mystery illness infecting the MC’s dad
  • A Middle Grade Contemporary Treasure Hunt/Heist set in Boston, where the geocaching MC must recover a stolen priceless artifact he’s been railroaded for stealing

  Independently submitting

I’m looking to place a book with a small press that takes unsolicited submissions directly from writers:

  • A cross-over Historical Dark Academia set in a boys boarding school in 1863 England, featuring the thirteen-year-old version of well-known writer Patricio Lafcadio Hearn, who famously saw embodiments of death and other apparitions

That’s it! Thanks for reading. If you run into me anywhere online (like the Twitter) please say hi. If you’d like to contact me, send an email to ron(at)rdelaneyjr(dot)com.