Rib Piece

Owl, who sees all and protects against being fooled, including fooled by ourselves.
Brother Crow, who is the keeper of the knowledge of right and wrong.
And Grandmother Spider, who reminds us we live in a world of our own creation.

Bones because in the end that’s all we are (I was going to go with tree branches originally, but if you’ve seen my arms you know I have plenty of vegetation already).
Alchemical symbol for Air because I’m an air sign (Libra), and because why not?


Spirit animal tattoo on my ribs.
(click image for larger pic)


Artwork done on 7/30/2016 by the awesome Chris Adamek┬áat Immortal Ink. Photo taken by me the morning of 7/31/2016. If you’re unfamiliar with tattooing, the art will lighten as it heals and more detail will be visible. I just couldn’t wait to show it off ­čÖé

NOTE for the perspective-ly challenged: yes, the crow tail looks weird in this shot. That’s because it wraps around my back.


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Tattoos and rotten pumpkins

A lot of people want tattoos, but many fret over the permanence: that they’ll pick something they won’t want to look at after <insert random measure of time here>. You know how you avoid that? Go with something you love.

Five years ago, as is my and many people’s Autumn tradition, I placed several pumpkins and mums in front of my place. I then left them there for way too long, to the point the pumpkins turned into orange sacks of mush and seeds. Once I finally cleaned them up, I paid no mind to the seeds left behind on the dirt. Then, in the Summer, what anyone who knows anything about nature (not me, apparently) could predict, happened:

Pumpkin Vines

Pumpkin vines! How cool is that?

Shortly after, the most gorgeous, wondrous blossoms blossomed!

Pumpkin Blossoms

Pumpkin blossom in the sun

I was hooked by the stunning flowers, and repeated the place pumpkins -> let them rot -> wait for vines and blossoms process until my condo association decided to cover my little patch of dirt with stones. Because rocks are prettier than flowers, I guess.

Still, my love of these late-Summer bloomers remains undeterred. SO, if I can’t watch them grow naturally, why not put one on my arm?

Yes, that’s tattoo logic right there. Don’t analyze it, just accept it ­čśÇ

Artwork done by the most-excellent artist Chris Adamek at Immortal Ink in Clinton, NJ.


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How commited am I to my book…?

whitethorn_tree_tattooIf anyone is wondering how committed I am to my middle grade fantasy novel, the answer is: so committed I put it on my body. A big part of my body.

My book features a May Blossom, also called a White Thorn tree, one type┬áfabled to be a fairy tree. These legendary trees are (SPOILERS) gateways to the fairy realm, and are sacred to the hidden folk. To this day in Ireland construction projects get rerouted or outright canceled if it’s discovered they will require the destruction of a fairy tree or fairy road (a path the good people take from tree to something else, and back). These trees are a big deal.

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