Rib Piece

Owl, who sees all and protects against being fooled, including fooled by ourselves.
Brother Crow, who is the keeper of the knowledge of right and wrong.
And Grandmother Spider, who reminds us we live in a world of our own creation.

Bones because in the end that’s all we are (I was going to go with tree branches originally, but if you’ve seen my arms you know I have plenty of vegetation already).
Alchemical symbol for Air because I’m an air sign (Libra), and because why not?


Spirit animal tattoo on my ribs.
(click image for larger pic)


Artwork done on 7/30/2016 by the awesome Chris Adamek at Immortal Ink. Photo taken by me the morning of 7/31/2016. If you’re unfamiliar with tattooing, the art will lighten as it heals and more detail will be visible. I just couldn’t wait to show it off 🙂

NOTE for the perspective-ly challenged: yes, the crow tail looks weird in this shot. That’s because it wraps around my back.


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