I was thinking about being in the woods and camp fires and the way people use sexy to mean attractive in some way, and this little run-on sentence crawled around in my ear until I wrote it down. I liked the rhythm in it, so decided an impromptu post was in order.

I think you’re sexy but not in an I want to have sex with you way, in a way that if I was sitting around a campfire with my friends and you came out of the woods and asked if we had any tea I’d say “Sure, little tree, join our circle,” and we’d all talk until we fell asleep under the stars and the next morning I’d wake up and you’d be gone and that would be OK.


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The Emptiness of Delete

This weekend has been perfectly Autumn. Cold, clean air, falling leaves, and bone-chilling rain. To some, that kind of weather sucks, but to me – an October baby and loyal lover of all thing Fall (except this devilry) – it’s the best time of year, and really gets my creativity going.
On that note, here’s a weird, sad little thing that came to me the other day on a long ride through a persistent storm. Nothing fancy, just a rumination on how people see and feel things drastically differently (not just the weather).

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Are There People in My Universe?

I’ve been so busy editing over the last however-many-months, I haven’t posted anything besides a few book reviews, a note on querying (which was mostly for my own benefit), and the weekly Friday Morning FYIs. So here’s a short (<900 words) thingy I banged-out, oh, probably a year ago. I wrote it one day when a strange, naggy little idea way-too-small for a novel broke through the topsoil in my mind, and watered itself.


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Time for more fiction!

So I’ve made the decision to try to post something short (flash, short story, poem, etc.) at least once a month. Below is something I originally wrote for a contest, but never submitted (I know, I know). If I had to categorize it, it would be Sci-fi flash fiction (less than 1000 words), but there’s no aliens, spaceships, or lasers. Think 1984 meets the Klingon Empire with a splash of Ender’s Game (No, no aliens!).

WARNING – This story will not be for everyone. It’s dark, and, depending on your viewpoint, doesn’t have a happy ending. You’ve been warned 🙂

Enjoy, and comment away!

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