Writing Update: May, 2019

For whatever reason, I’ve always done my writing updates over on a dedicated page. Now that that page has gotten kinda long, it’s acting a little wiggy (and by wiggy I mean LOVES to crash while I’m editing it), so I’m going to do what I probably should have done from the jump and post updates as, you know, posts. Here we go!


I’m pleased as punch that my latest book, SILVER, is out to critique partners. It’s funny, quirky, a little sad in spots, a little angry in other spots, and hella different from what I’ve written before. I love it and can’t wait to hear what my readers think about it. I’d file it as literary Sci-Fi, if you’re curious.

WDC 2019

I’ve booked my trip to NYC (I live in Jersey so I’m using ‘booked’ loosely here) for Writer’s Digest Annual Conference in August. Looking forward to getting my learning on, catching up with friends from around the world, and seeing NK Jemisin give the opening keynote. I might even dip my toes back into the pitch slam this year. MIGHT.

Writer Friends Doing Writer Things

Lastly, some wonderful writers I know have recently put out books you should check out:

Equinox – Tabitha Lord
Renegade – Natasha Raulerson

That’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll have more to post soon 😀

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Friday Morning FYI – 3/11/2016

Welcome to your Friday Morning FYI  – my chance to share observations/wisdom/rants in short, easily consumed form.

I recently told a trusted friend I was working on my first adult novel. As any readers of this site know, everything I’ve previously written has been middle grade. Anyway, she was excited to hear I was stepping up my age range, eager to see what I could turnout if I let loose and gave my darker voice over to a larger, more complex narrative. That brings us to this week’s FYI:

Any of us can do anything we put our mind too, but we’re often better suited to one version/aspect of something than another.  The problem is we often don’t know what that is, and ‘decide’ rather than ‘discover’ our talent. The artist who paints and paints and paints, only to find out much later, thanks to someone’s prompt or request, they’re a phenomenal sketcher, and then becomes a world-class tattoo artist, for example. Or someone who writes short stories, thinking a novel is beyond them, and a few years later becomes a bestselling novelist.

Experiment until you find your comfort zone, and then experiment more. You’ll probably surprise yourself.


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How bad do we want our good guys?

Warning: Strong opinions ahead. And it’s long, too. Strap in.


I like my good guys good. Complex and conflicted? Cool. Messed-up history and/or in need of redemption? Want. Going through some terrible transformative sh!t that’ll properly mess them up forever? Gimme. But they still need to be good.

Killing defenseless people, even bad guys, isn’t a good guy trait. Read on to find out where this is coming from.

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Time for more fiction!

So I’ve made the decision to try to post something short (flash, short story, poem, etc.) at least once a month. Below is something I originally wrote for a contest, but never submitted (I know, I know). If I had to categorize it, it would be Sci-fi flash fiction (less than 1000 words), but there’s no aliens, spaceships, or lasers. Think 1984 meets the Klingon Empire with a splash of Ender’s Game (No, no aliens!).

WARNING – This story will not be for everyone. It’s dark, and, depending on your viewpoint, doesn’t have a happy ending. You’ve been warned 🙂

Enjoy, and comment away!

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