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August, 2018

GAH! A year?! I haven’t updated this page in a year? F&*^!

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to what I’ve been up to.


WDC is less than a week away. If you’re familiar with this site, you know I go every year and write about it. Look for my observations in a few weeks. If you’re attending the show, say hi!

Querying, querying, querying

I’ve got my Adult SciFi Engine of Change out on query. After major revisions based on feedback from industry professionals, I’m going to take another run at PitchWars, too. Wish me luck!


So. Much. Writing.

With Engine of Change out in the slush piles of the publishing world, new stories are begging to be told. I’m 30K words into my Adult SciFi robot novel Silver. It’s hard to write, from both story and style perspectives, but if I pull off what I’m trying to, I’m going to be hella proud of it. I hope to have it to beta readers and critique partners before the holidays.

There we go, update-pa-looza. Thanks for reading!

July, 2017

Annnnnnnd we’re back! *something something time flies, something something been busy*

Query Kombat

Not long ago, I participate in Query Kombat for the first time. Got to round 3, learned a lot, met cool people, had a blast. I highly recommend this competition to any writer getting ready to query a novel. Check out my blog for a few posts on my experience.

Pitch Wars

Pitch Wars is a writing competition in which you’re hoping to get paired with a mentor (someone in the publishing industry) who’ll guide you in sharpening your book and query in preparation for an agent showcase in November. Big fun, big learning. Cross your fingers for me 😀


I’m querying my 100K Adult Alternate History SciFi book (the book I’m entering in Pitch Wars) presently, but while doing that, I’ve started my next book. It’s also Adult, but we’re going robots, parental distress, and angry old men in this one. It breaks my heart every time I open it, and I can’t wait to show it to people. All the feels.

That’s it! Thanks for reading.

January, 2017

Man, time is getting faster and faster as I get older. Doesn’t feel like 6 months since I’ve updated this page. Oof. Well, I’m here now 😀 Here’s what’s going on:

New Novel Out to Beta Readers

I’m hella-excited to announce my latest novel is out to beta readers! I’m averaging a novel a year, now, which I’m thrilled with. This one took longer to get ready because it’s much longer than anything I’ve done before, and because I’ve learned not to send unrevised drafts to people (apologies to all my readers for my first book – yuck!). While the readers bang through my 100K Adult Spec Fic, I’ll work on early query letters and synopses.

Short Story Submissions

Not going to lie, I got sucked into the sweet allure of short story writing for a bit, there. It was a fun break from novel writing, but I’m going to pull back on it. There are so many anthologies and sites looking for submissions, you can spend all your time writing SSs and submitting. If that’s your thing, groovy. For me, I’m sure the occasional SS will demand to be written, but I want to put my focus back on novels. Got to keep my one-novel-a-year pattern going 🙂

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

July, 2016

Howdy! Long time, yada yada. Here’s what’s going on:

Short Story Submission

Finalizing a short story about Krampus for a submission to an anthology about, well, Krampus. Thanks to all my wonderful readers who wasted somewhere between twenty and more than twenty minutes of their lives and provided feedback. These folks are my best buds and I loves them all, I do.


The fist draft of my new novel is almost done. Yay! My self-imposed deadline is WDC2016, which is only a few weeks away (where the f*ck is this year going!?) but I only have 2-3 chapters left (in the plan, let’s see what the book thinks of my plan). I’m at 82K words, and envision it done at ~90K – a pleasing number for an adult “light” Sci-Fi book.

That’s it for now. If you’re going to WDC2016 in NYC, pleasepleaseplease find me and say hello. If you want to be a real insider, nod at me and say “‘Sup?” I’ll return the “‘Sup?'” and thus will begin our grand new friendship.

(I’ve had a lot of coffee today.)

Thanks for reading!

January, 2016

Let’s keep this one short and sweet 😀


Buckle up literary agents, ’cause here comes the MG query you’ve been dying for!



Yes, it’s time. My MG mystery/horror has gone through several revisions, made its way to and back from my beta readers with wonderful feedback, been revised and edited again, and is now ready to go out into the world. *fingers crossed*

A New Book

While I query, I’ll be writing my next book. It’s based on an old idea of mine – one of my first, and something I’ve never mentioned to anyone – and is a big departure from what I’ve written to date. I’m excited and at the same time, terrified. As the 21 page outline indicates, this thing might get away from me in a hurry. Oh well. Go big or go home 🙂

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.


September, 2015

So I haven’t updated this page in a while. Sound familiar? Yeah. So here’s a little bit on what I’ve been up to:

My new book.

I said ‘a little’.

OK, here’s a little more:

My New Book

While querying continues for my first book, I’ve moved on to another universe. Creatively, not, you know, physically. I mean I’ve been working on another MG novel with different characters, in a different place, working through different circumstances. I figure if I ultimately can’t find someone to rep my fairy story, there’s no reason to keep writing those books (for now), so I’ve moved-on. Without giving anything away, I will say I’m excited. This new story is coming along nicely, and I’m about to send it to beta readers. It will be ready for querying by the end of the year, but I won’t send it out to be lost amidst all the NaNoWriMo first drafts that’ll be crashing down on literary agents. So January, I’m thinking 🙂

NaNoWriMo 2015

Speaking of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), I did it last year, and it was pure torture. I really don’t want to do that to myself again this year, but admittedly there’s something poking at the back of my head that may claw its way out in November. If no one hears from me for that month, that’ll be why. Ugh.

Book Release Parties

I’m really excited to attend several book release parties over the next few months. All are for debut writers I know, and I wish them each tremendous success.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.


March, 2015


So I haven’t updated this page in a while. That’s because, as the previous update noted, I’ve spent every free moment with my head buried in my manuscript tweaking/revising/cutting/adding/cutting some more. This past weekend, I wrapped up editing and am now querying, which, if you don’t know, DOES NOT mean sit back and wait for people to knock down your door with giant checks. It means you send out letters of introduction to literary agents, looking for someone who will work with and represent you. It’s a bit scary, but also exciting. I’m looking forward to the responses.

Finishing the First Draft of Book 2

During last year’s NaNoWriMo, I banged out the required 50K words for the follow-up to my first book. I’m going to finish that first draft, take a short break, and then start editing. It has a different feel and focus than the first, which is both fun and challenging. I’m looking forward to getting back to it.

What happened to the Fairy Photoset?

Easy answer: NaNoWriMo and MS editing happened. I have all the photos, but just haven’t found the time to get into to Photoshop and make magic. I’ll hopefully have something up on the site before Summer.

The Little Plane Flew On and On

Lastly, I’m finalizing some short verse I’d love to see as a picture book. If you happen to be an artist or know someone who might be interested in a collaboration (and who likes to draw planes), drop me a message at ron (at) rdelaneyjr (dot) com.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.


October, 2014

Hello, all! Time for an update 🙂


I haven’t been doing much blog writing because I’m focused on editing my novel. After some great, generous feedback from publishing professionals (agents and editors), and respected friends, I’ve been reworking several part of the story, and am polishing the voice. It’s so much better than it was even a month ago it’s astounding. I’m planning a post on first-time-novelist mistakes, including querying too early (which I obviously did). Lesson learned.

NaNoWriMo Outlining

The hours are screaming away, and soon National Novel Writing Month (November) will be here. The plan is to bang out the first draft of my second book (which I’ve just finished the outline for), then put it aside to finish editing my first. *fingers crossed*

Fairy Photoset

Ron, did you say “fairy photoset“?

I did, indeed! I engaged a friend who’s also a photographer, and have planned out a small, cool photoset of me and “other secret things”. Really looking forward to digging into this fun and creative project.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading.

August, 2014

Right now I’m deeply committed to several things:

Finding representation for my completed middle grade fantasy novel

My novel has been “in the can” for a little while now, and I’m actively seeking representation. Having recently received a lot of positive feedback at the Writer’s Digest Conference 2014 Pitch Slam in NYC, I’m feeling really good about it.

Exhaustively outlining a new novel

I outline. A lot. Like pages and pages. I need to have an idea of what’s coming next once I start writing. Not the details that come to us in those EUREKA! moments, but the big stuff. A great idea was born at WDC14, and that’s what I’m now banging my head against.

Optimizing and maintaining this blog

If you investigate the publishing industry, there’s a ton of buzz around “platform”. A writer’s platform, for the uninitiated, is their presence/following, most specifically, on the internet. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, bloging, etc., all make up your platform. It’s an aspect of the industry that, as a fiction writer, most insiders say will help you break in (and if you’re a non-fiction writer, is a must). I never thought much about bloging, falling into the “Why would anyone care what I think?” trap. But guess what? People do care, so here we are! (and I get to learn new stuff, like WordPress, which is a bonus)

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and enjoy the site.

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