Friday Morning FYI – 2/5/2016

Welcome to your Friday Morning FYI – my chance to share observations/wisdom/rants in short, easily consumed form.

This week’s FYI is about doing things that scare you (not, like, wrestling a bear or something though; that sh!t’s nuts):

The book on which I’m currently working scares the hell out of me. Not because it’s monster/ghost/vampire scary, but because it’s the first thing I’m writing I feel might be beyond me. The MC is so deep and so damaged, and the themes are so relevant and poignant, I’m terrified I can’t do any of it justice.

And that’s kind of awesome, because only doing things at which you’re already good is boring. Except Snowboarding. And bowling. Either snowboarding or bowling when you’re not proficient mostly sucks. I know.

Anyway, yeah. Do things that scare you. Do things you think you can’t do. At worst, you were right. At best, you’ll surprise yourself.

Thanks for reading,


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