Observations and Thoughts on #WDC16

This past weekend, I attended the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference in New York City. It was my third WDC in a row, and I’ve enjoyed them all. I plan on attending next year as well, as I’ve learned something from each one. You can read my impressions of the previous two here and here.

I think I’ll start with a review of the three sessions I loved (yes, there are sessions you attend and don’t like for one reason or another, but I’m not going to hammer anyone (even though a few deserve it)), and then wrap up with some general observations. Long post ahead, so get comfy (or scroll to the bottom for the tl;dnr version).

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Thoughts on #WDC15 (Writer’s Digest Conference 2015)

WDC2014 was the first writer’s conference I’d ever attended. I learned so much, including how not-ready my first book was for shopping (me shopping it to agents, not the book going out to buy shoes, or something), met some of the most creative/dedicated/fun people, and left feeling like a member of a supportive community. So to say I was looking forward to WDC2015 is a whale of an understatement. I couldn’t wait to get there, and spent the previous week daydreaming about experiencing the same incredible vibe I’d gotten the year before.

But after an hour at WDC2015, I knew that wouldn’t be the case.

Dramatic Cat

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Aaaaaaaaaand ‘Send’: The Courage to Query

WARNING – hastily-written, unnecessarily-long, thought-streamy post ahead.


So I’ve started querying for my 57,000 word high-concept Middle Grade Contemporary Fantasy (whew) novel. If you’ve never written a book, you couldn’t know what an emotional rollercoaster it is from start to finish, including the part where you pitch it to publishing professionals. Let me explain.

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Friday Morning FYI – 1/9/2015

Welcome to your Friday Morning FYI, my chance to share observations/wisdom/rants in short, easily consumed form.

If you don’t know, there’s a twitter pitch event going on today. Using #SecretShop, you can pitch your novel (if  COMPLETE) to agents and editors. There are several of these that occur throughout the year using various tags (#PitMad, for instance). So this week’s FYI is dedicated to the people who will be pitching:

Opportunities come up all the time. Seize them, or someone else will.

Thanks for reading, and may we all have a blessed 2015.


Friday Morning FYI – 12/5/2014

Welcome to your Friday Morning FYI! My chance to share observations/wisdom/rants in short, easily consumed form.

This week’s FYI is inspired by yesterday’s #PitMad on Twitter (if you’re unfamiliar, #PitMad – short for ‘Pitch Madness’ – is a twelve hour period where writers pitch their books through tweets, and agents and editors Favorite to indicate interest):

Participate, support, encourage, or get the hell out of the way. This works for everything in life.


Thanks for reading,