Friday Morninig FYI – 8/22/14

Welcome to the first installment of Friday Morning FYI!

This little slice of nonsense will show up every week with a precious nugget of wisdom I’ve collected/been told/made up/found under a rock/read on a fortune cookie fortune, or otherwise stolen over my time on this planet. If you’re wondering ‘Why Friday morning?’, because what else are you doing Friday between 6 and 9AM?

A Friday Morning FYI might be a single or few lines of text, a pic, a link to a video, or some other short, easily consumable something. Comments will always be open, so feel free to add a note or two.


Friday Morning FYI – 8/22/14

The inaugural FYI comes directly from something I learned a long time ago, and directly apply to my writing as well as everyday life:


Let people correct you. In fact, encourage it. The alternative is being wrong all the time.


Thanks for reading.


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