Friday Morning FYI – 6/26/2015

Welcome to your Friday Morning FYI – I’m-on-the-other-side-of-the-planet-and-have-no-idea-when-this-will-go-live edition! – my chance to share observations/wisdom/rants in short, easily consumed form.

This week’s FYI is about (or roundabouts) reacting to sh!tty situations. Went a little non-literal and meta with this one, for whatever reason *shrug*:

Passive aggressiveness and snark are BFFs. And they hang out with mean-spiritedness, insecurity, and ugliness. I know because I used to run with them. I still see PA every now and then, but he brings out the worst in me, so I try to avoid him. Sometimes it’s hard because he never calls ahead, and just shows-up at the worst times. And he brings beer. I’ve gotten good at recognizing his footsteps, though, and won’t answer the door when I know it’s him. I’ve also gotten good at spotting and avoiding people he’s been around. I don’t get mad at them or anything, though. He’s a charming bastard despite being really, really unattractive.

Stay away from him. He’s just not a good guy.


Thanks for reading,


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