Sad little thing I wrote for a writing challenge

Here’s something I wrote last week for a writing challenge over at Looking at it now, I’d probably move the last five lines to the beginning, but oh well. It got a few nice comments, so I figured I’d toss-it-up here.

And no, I didn’t just use my own name. I’m full of myself, but not that full 😉 “Ron” was one of the words you had to use.

WARNING – This little bugger is sneaky. Parents in particular, be advised – if you’re not in the mood for sad imagery, please do not read.


Our little tuxedo cat, Ghost, doesn’t understand.
She purrs and rubs on my leg as I mindlessly sip my beige, over-creamed coffee,
A half-eaten veggie wrap and on-its-side unopened yogurt cup
Next to your orange kangaroo toy I keep next to the computer.
I can’t stop staring at the corkboard,
At the single paper hanging there,
At the solitary staple holding it in place,
The only thing keeping you from slipping away.

“MISSING”, it reads across the top in faded red.
“Have you seen Ron?” across the bottom, in faded black.

I remember the old green book of baby names
My mother gave your dad and me.
Remember how it smelled like old clothes and wishes.
Remember that crunch the brittle pages made as we flipped through
Until we came to R, and you – sleeping in me – told us your name.


Thanks for reading,


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