FYI of Friday Morn – 12/18/1620

Good morrow, dear reader! Welcome to ye FYI of Friday Morn – a glorious opportunity, provided me through the grace of God and to the chagrin of the great enemy of man, to convey unto you my most-humble observations and trial-earned wisdom.

Today, the King’s  vessel Mayflower hath found purchase in the calm water of the harbor we shall call Plymouth. Shortly, to the glory of God, we will begin the unenviable though crucial work of constructing our new settlement in this strange and foreign land. This hath caused a great swelling – of equal parts thankfulness and joy – in my breast, and my mind to be compelled with hopeful dreams of a prosperous future. It is these emotions that have led, most-directly, to this week’s FYI:

With persistence, proper sacrifice and humility, and strict honor to the Lord of all, all earthly things are possible.


Thank ye for reading,


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