Friday Morning FYI – 2/26/2016

Welcome to your Friday Morning FYI  – my chance to share observations/wisdom/rants in short, easily consumed form.

A few weeks ago, I FYI’ed about cobwebs. This morning, heading to the coffee shop near the train station, I noticed a massive shadow shifting and swaying under the train bridge. Turns out it was being cast by the same cobweb on which I’d previously reflected, blowing in the bullying morning wind. That leads us to this week’s FYI:

The smallest thing/word/event can cast an enormous shadow. Be mindful and take nothing for granted, but also accept you will not always see how the small things (or what seem to be small things) have huge impacts somewhere down the line.

And to my writer friends, don’t forget this when building your worlds. Not everything needs to be grand and obvious. In fact, the tiny things are often the most interesting.


Thanks for reading,


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