Friday Morning FYI – 4/1/2016

Welcome to your Friday Morning FYI  (yes, I know it’s Saturday evening) – my chance to share observations/wisdom/rants in short, easily consumed form.

Man, it’s been a tough few weeks for people I care about. As I posted last week, several friends recently lost their jobs. This week, I got some rough news about two other friends. Being the nigh-insufferable know-it-all I am, I sat down to right something profound here, but all words are failing. That’s this week’s FYI:

When life has gone all pear-shaped for loved ones, we seek words to comfort or encourage or sympathize, but these words may be meaningless. Not that we shouldn’t try to help, or remind our people they’re our people and we’re there for them, just that, ultimately, without proper perspective, our effort brings no healing. So, perhaps, just listen to those who need to talk, provide understanding distance to those seeking space, and be a friend to a friend in the same way you always would.


Thanks for reading,


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