Friday Morning FYI – 1/20/2017

Welcome to your Friday Morning FYI – my chance to share observations/wisdom/rants in short, easily consumed form.

A few weeks ago, I teased potentially having good news related to a short story I’d submitted for inclusion in an anthology. Unfortunately, my story didn’t pass the final cut. I was disappointed, of course, but not two days later I sent my latest novel out to beta readers. While they have it I’ll work on a query letter and craft synopses. That brings us to this week’s FYI:

Perspective is important. Too often we take bumps in the road and blow them up to Mt. Everest, with us standing at the base, looking up, pre-defeated. In truth, life is just as full of little defeats as it is little victories. When one of those defeats darkens your door, accept it’s OK to feel bad and then get back to work. Those little victories are out there waiting for you.


Thanks for reading,


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