Friday Morning FYI – 3/1/2019

Welcome to your Friday Morning FYI (I’m-in-Montreal-right-now-so-bonjour!-and-the-stupid-auto-publish-didn’t-work edition) – my chance to share observations/rants in short, easy-to-consume form.

I recently met a new writer who has put down a lot of words in a fairly short time. Those words aren’t all part of a single story, but could be arranged into an interesting narrative soaked through with cool, thought-provoking themes. More writing is needed to stitch everything together, which they were excited about and committed to doing. That made me think about what morphed into this week’s FYI:

I’m working on the final  three chapters of my latest novel. The key word there is ‘working’. There’s tons of fun sayings about writing, including ‘writing is rewriting’, ‘writing is stealing’, etc. In the end, it’s really just work. Regardless of what you’re writing you have to put fingertips to keys as much as you can (and can stand) or all you have is an idea. We’ve all got ideas, but we all don’t have finished first drafts. Get that draft done or, if it doesn’t excite you, move on to the next idea. Life’s too short to stare at something you have no desire to work on.


Thanks for reading.


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