#WDC19 Wrap Up

Another Writer’s Digest Annual Conference in NYC is in the books (*self-eyeroll*) but this one was different because it was my first as an agented writer. For me, that changed the vibe some and I found myself pulled more toward the marketing and book release side of things than ever before. I still attended craft sessions too, and sat some terrific, insightful presentations.

Which was the answer I gave to the question, “If you have an agent, why are you here?” late Friday night.

It’s no secret MANY attendees travel to WDC for the Pitch Slam. I did the same my first year, but what’s kept me going back is that I learn something every con. How could you not when listening to experienced talents like NK Jemisin, Steven James, Min Lin Lee, etc.? Every perspective, every way of approaching something adds to your own bag of tricks and development. None of us know it all.

BUT you’re not reading this for my high-horse soapboxing. You want to know how the sessions went. Happy to oblige.

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How I Got My Literary Agent

Much like my Friday Morning FYIs, I’ve slacked as far as writing this post, but this one is for good reason. Since signing with the amazing Kaitlyn Johnson of Corvisiero Literary, I’ve been writing the second book in my MG ghost series and working with Kaitlyn on revisions for book 1. To say these are exciting times is an understatement 🙂

BUT I always love reading these kinds of posts, so wanted to do one, too. I hope it inspires some of you struggling in the slushpiles like I did for so long.

Okay, enough preamble.

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A little writing update. No big. Just ZOMG I’M SO PUMPED

Everyone! Come here! Listen!

If you follow me on the Twitter you already know THIS, but if not, it’s my outstanding pleasure to announce I’ve joined the Corvisiero Literary Agency family, represented by awesome agent Kaitlyn Johnson. I’m thrilled to work with Kaitlyn on my middle grade ghost hunter novel.

Patrick  Swayze Ghost GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

NO! Not that kind of ghost story. I said Middle Grade. What’s wrong with you?

Snow Winter GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Dude, too soon.

Hmm. That’s not too far off. I’ll take it.


I’ll write a longer post on how Kaitlyn and I came to join forces some time over the next week-ish.

GAH! SO excited!

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Writing Update: May, 2019

For whatever reason, I’ve always done my writing updates over on a dedicated page. Now that that page has gotten kinda long, it’s acting a little wiggy (and by wiggy I mean LOVES to crash while I’m editing it), so I’m going to do what I probably should have done from the jump and post updates as, you know, posts. Here we go!


I’m pleased as punch that my latest book, SILVER, is out to critique partners. It’s funny, quirky, a little sad in spots, a little angry in other spots, and hella different from what I’ve written before. I love it and can’t wait to hear what my readers think about it. I’d file it as literary Sci-Fi, if you’re curious.

WDC 2019

I’ve booked my trip to NYC (I live in Jersey so I’m using ‘booked’ loosely here) for Writer’s Digest Annual Conference in August. Looking forward to getting my learning on, catching up with friends from around the world, and seeing NK Jemisin give the opening keynote. I might even dip my toes back into the pitch slam this year. MIGHT.

Writer Friends Doing Writer Things

Lastly, some wonderful writers I know have recently put out books you should check out:

Equinox – Tabitha Lord
Renegade – Natasha Raulerson

That’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll have more to post soon 😀

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Friday Morning FYI – 3/8/2019

Welcome to your Friday Morning FYI – my chance to share observations/rants in short, easy-to-consume form.

“How do you come up with your ideas and stories?” is a question writers get all the time. There’s no checklist of ways, but this screenshot kind of sums it up:

Loneliness defined

My girlfriend is a scientist. In a wonderful speakeasy in Montreal this past weekend, halfway through mixed drink #2, I somehow set her off to talking about free radicals (seriously, I have no idea how that happened). After she said “Combustion is never complete”, a siren went off in my head, so I whipped out my phone to take notes. At “Free radicals are desperate to increase stability” I knew I had something, but not about chemistry or biology. See the title of my note?

And that happens to me all the time. I’m that writer who will die with fifty story ideas unwritten. But where does that come from? That’s this week’s FYI:

Storytellers are programmed to discover inspiration, and can find stories and twists in anything. It’s not witchcraft, and, to be honest, is exhausting, but every now and then the mundane world sparks something cool in our heads, like lonely free radicals looking for love. Where it goes from there is up in the air. It might end up being an analogy a character uses, the central theme of a novel, or just something fun to share with writer friends. What’s important is having an inspiration-seeking mindset.


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PS – If any of those bullets are inaccurate, don’t @ me, science people. It was a dark bar and my gf was talking fast. If an idea begs to be used, that’s what research is for 😀