Ah Autumn

I make no secret that Autumn is my favorite season. The clean, cold air, the spices, and my god the colors! So, as my creative post for this month, I offer a non-poet’s feelings on this most magical time of year.

Burning Autumn,
Chasing leaves proudly independent
With October breath
Demanding death
To ground, cairned in russet
The soul on summit
Last to flee her burden gathering sun
First thrashed by ghouls
And witches and mummies begging
Mocked by Fur and Pine
Drowned in frost-promising rain
Left to choke in a sidewalk drain.

Harvest Prince,
Generous with apples
Adam’s sin
And corn corpse skin
Delighting our need, our love to be lost
And scared
And titian pumpkins by the field
Reminding us of those before
Destined for primordial gargoyles
Released as nutcrackers unsheathed from timber
Guardians of hearth and home
Wards against what crawls within the gloom.

Winter Herald,
Trumpeting stillness
With nights over days
And seasonal goblins mischievous of ways
Awake and occupying the lengthening dark
Safe away since spring no more
And air promising hunger
But be not afraid
Kindler of fires, burn revolt
And gather yours
Raise fists against the unknown
And any sacrifice of soul and bone.


Thanks for reading,

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