Round and round, underground

This little thing popped into my head yesterday, the first half in the afternoon and the second as I shut my eyes in bed last night. I have no idea what it means, refers to, or where it came from (or why the second half wanted those breaks), but, as I’ve done with other inspirations from the ether, I thought I’d toss it up here.

In and out
Up and down
Back and forth
Round and round
Can’t be found
Silken wound
Fox and hound (red and brown).

Hmm. The more I read it, the more is sounds like some creepy clue left by a serial killer. I don’t have plans to write a serial killer book, but maybe now that’ll change. *shrug*


Thanks for reading,


Where am I?

Temporary roommates still asleep in their rooms, I can’t get up and out because I have no key to get back in. Need to wait for them to get up to sort that out. MEANWHILE, the thoughts doth run!


It’s a Saturday, and I’m on the other side of the world…

… Not in the coffee shop, gently handed a tea.
Not by the fireplace, the perfect spot for me.
Not hammering away at my new book,
Not having laughter distract me from work.
Not looking out on the slow river low,
Not knowing whether to stay or to go.

It’s a Saturday, and I’m on the other side of the world…

… In a small room, typing away.
Sheltered from the heat of the day.
Soon I’ll emerge, and go and explore
In part to escape the snoring next door.
And to distract from where I might be
Jealous about a trip to the trees.

It’s a Saturday, and I’m on the other side of the world…

… Planning the train route to go and view art
While wondering about my greater part,
My focus blurred by the echoes of steps
And the fall’s howl, stuck hard in my head.
Lingering visions of lavender and peach
Within arms length, but just out of reach.

It’s a Saturday, and I’m on the other side of the world.

Thanks for reading,


In the Times Which Try a Man

I read ‘Invictus’ at least once a day. I find it motivating on good days, and comforting on not-as-good days. Today, for reasons only the Universe knows, I found it inspiring – as in, ‘Go write a thing,’ inspiring. So I wrote a thing.

Here’s the thing.


In the Times Which Try a Man

In the times which try a man,
His courage and his soul,
Shall he fail or shall he stand
To face the night alone?

Shall he bend his neck to fate,
A conquered, broken beast?
Or march bravely to the gate
And claim his honored seat?

Oh my heart and all I am,
From gods born unto earth,
Beat the song and dance the dance,
So I may prove my worth.

Bring me all wisdom can show,
And to my brothers, too.
Bring us the unburdened souls
Of men who know the truth.


Thanks for reading,