In the Times Which Try a Man

I read ‘Invictus’ at least once a day. I find it motivating on good days, and comforting on not-as-good days. Today, for reasons only the Universe knows, I found it inspiring – as in, ‘Go write a thing,’ inspiring. So I wrote a thing.

Here’s the thing.


In the Times Which Try a Man

In the times which try a man,
His courage and his soul,
Shall he fail or shall he stand
To face the night alone?

Shall he bend his neck to fate,
A conquered, broken beast?
Or march bravely to the gate
And claim his honored seat?

Oh my heart and all I am,
From gods born unto earth,
Beat the song and dance the dance,
So I may prove my worth.

Bring me all wisdom can show,
And to my brothers, too.
Bring us the unburdened souls
Of men who know the truth.


Thanks for reading,


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